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Live iN-TENSE. 

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Wandering what's in the works? (pun intended)

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My work is often focused on the details, whether from nature, or industrial space.  This often results in images with interesting, vibrant, and stunning textures, lines, and detail that finding a piece that speaks to you is easy.  As expressed in my Artist Statement, I hope my work causes pause, and each time you look at it you see more and more, thus inspiring your mind to wander and get lost.  Here you will find a curated selection of art to inspire and remind us all:

To wake up, slow down,
open your eyes, open your mind,
and look, for one moment, appreciate the details.


My goal is to capture the iN-TENSITY you bring to the important areas in life, key milestones, and breakthrough achievements.  Whether that is hearing the motor purr for the first time, or completing the foundation backfill of your new home - these are defining moments that deserve preservation.

This section provides an overview of the types of photography most often requested and I invite you to view the portfolios available for each area.  If you are seeking something not covered here, such as pet photography, I would be happy to provide you with examples of my work directly.  Contact me, and let's discuss capturing your in-tensity!

BoweProperty19AveSeattle - 3200 x2400 px -8.scene (1)

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