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Elements – The Collection


Joining into the artistic movement to study the fundamental matter which everything from life, healing, religion, and culture is built.  This book, Elements, seeks to remove the human element and present you with imagery representing each of the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire.


Award-Winning Photography

Internationally recognized, awarded by peers and juried professionals, published, and exhibited works created with the utmost in-tensity by a photographer who is a competitively ranked, and a curator-selected artist.

Beautifully Organized

The book presents 30 professional photos across 34 pages, including:
– 4 sections, one dedicated to each element
– 5 two-page spreads capturing each of the four elements
– 4 two-page single image spreads of the photographer’s selected favorites.

Quality Craftsmanship

Handmade premium products made with high-quality materials, that is all you should ever expect.  Starting with:
– a luxurious acrylic front, in combination with a high-quality leatherette back cover and lay-flat spine,
– filled with In-Tense imagery on glossy photo paper that gives depth to each image,
– and packaged in a gorgeous black leatherette black box.

A presentation befitting of the content inside.  A perfect treat for yourself, your home, or as a gift for others.


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