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Wall Art and Decor

Design iN-TENSE.

Photography meets the wall

Long gone are the days when photos were printed on glossy paper, slid into plastic sheaths in a bound book.  It was only a matter of ti,e before it would find its way to the bottom of a box.  Maybe, just maybe, a photo or two was important enough to make it into a frame...

Luckily, all of that has changed...  in addition, you can 'try before you buy,' and actually, you have the option to lease instead of buy as well.

Non-commitment was never so easy, right?

How will this look on my walls?

It's always easier to make a decision when you can see it for yourself.   To help you visualize my photography on your walls, the portfolio linked below has several different room types, setups, and color schemes arranged with my photography on the walls.

If you wish to see how it would look in your room, simply email me a few photos of the space.

Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate....


I work with a third-party laboratory for the printing and shipment of my artwork.  Depending on the image, I set the available sizes and types of media I believe the specific image will be best displayed.  Click the link below to view the current selection available for purchase.

New storefront coming soon!

Keep in mind...

If you are looking for a specific type of media or a particular size?

Want to customize a piece by adding a quote or other personalization?

Please ask - I can accommodate nb  most requests!

Check back often as I am constantly taking photos, have one or more collections in the works and am often updating or adding to the available for purchase gallery.

Discussions are underway and I will soon have select pieces available for purchase with local businesses and also on Amazon.

Watch the Newsletter for details!


Whether you are a company with multiple offices or a small business with one location, a real estate agent or designer staging a home, a production crew designing a set, a hotel or restaurant wanting to refresh their image, or a private individual who is budget conscience - leasing art is a fantastic option to consider.  Lease terms are always customized to your needs and vary by duration, other support included (such as installation, etc.), and end of lease options.  Leasing arrangements can sometimes provide tax benefits as well, so don't forget to speak with your trusted tax advisor!

Contact me today for a no-obligation consultation!